Bell’s high-energy song-and-dance tribute-portrait of Spears – half satiric, half affectionate and all brightly tuneful – is unerringly winning… A small musical with a big heart…Robert Hurwitt, San Francisco Chronicle
No need to resist the urge to join in the snarkery ‐ this show is a guilty pleasure.Edge New York
The original musical…was conceived by local ‘theater geeks’ Molly Bell and Daya Curley. That’s already enough to capture our interest—there aren’t that many locals around who actually write musicals—but that this outing feels so “un-community theater”…that it shines like an off-Broadway (OK, Broadway) baby; that it manages to hold our interest with performances so on-the-mark, so robust, and with dance numbers and original music that is as inventive as it is (effectively) cheeky, is a crowning achievement in an era where creativity often tends to take a backseat to quick moneymaking shenanigans.Greg Archer, Good Times (Santa Cruz)
Co-creators Molly Bell and Daya Curley have a gem on their hands, capturing the natural comedic life of Britney Spears and yet showing that Ms. Spears has a heart. It’s a fine balance between satire and tribute, and they have managed to achieve both to great success.Kevin Thomas,
There is absolutely nothing to dislike about this show. Even non-musical, non-theater lovers will find themselves laughing out loud, clapping and singing along with the closing number, ‘Becoming Britney’. It truly is a must see.Melissa McKenzie, The Santa Clara Weekly
If you’re hankering for a little tawdry fun, ‘Britney’ has got your back, y’all!Karen D'Souza, San Jose Mercury News
Take one washed up pop princess, add some clever musical numbers and a few jabs at L.A. celebrity culture and even Broadway, et voila, the result: an entertaining, often hysterical, 90-minutes of theater.Clinton Stark, Stark Insider
With all the energy of a case of Red Bull blended with jet fuel and stirred by a tornado, ‘Becoming Britney’ is a high-powered homage to musical comedy and a well-placed slap at America’s newest major religion celebrity worship.Pat Craig, Contra Costa Times
The high‐octane musical…is both a parody and, strangely enough, a heartfelt homage of sorts.Gay City News (NYC)
It’s a production that oozes
Even the real Britney Spears would tip her hat.Rachel Swan, East Bay Express

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